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What Minority Interests Means for Minority Ethnic Professionals

When I think of a Minority Interest I think of people that have an interest in the success of an organisation, but not the authority to exert much influence over it. In accounting, a Minority Interest refers to shareholders that [...]

January 24, 2014 Professional
Ego Network

Why You Need To Understand Developmental Networks

I first became interested in developmental networks when I took a short course at University College London and read a research paper about baseball Hall of Famers,I have been hooked ever since. A few weeks later I taught a course [...]

January 1, 2014 Professional

The Often Ignored Problem with Mentors

Getting a mentor is difficult at the best of times, a good mentor is even harder to find. There is some truth in the saying that you don’t choose a mentor, a mentor chooses you. Why? A mentor often sees [...]

January 1, 2014 Professional

Why The Professions Have Mastered The Art Of Discrimination

Professions are in the discrimination business. They do this with the consent of society as a whole and in truth we all expect it. The problems start when they ignore technical expertise or individual potential and discriminate based on factors [...]

January 1, 2014 Professional

The Words That Can Change The Way You Think About Work

I started this project because I became empowered by the information I was learning and realised that it could benefit people like you. I spoke to my cousin about a recent incident at his workplace and I explained my understanding [...]

January 1, 2014 Professional