Minority Interests

“Thanks… I think..” When A Compliment Is An Insult At The Same Time.

In the second of a four part series exploring hidden prejudice in the workplace we explore how comments intended as compliments can be deeply insulting. A friend of mine is a high performer; he’s got a great job at a global company and has always performed well in not only his job but at school [...]

February 27, 2014 Jonathan Professional 1

When That Innocent Question About Your Culture Isn’t So Innocent

In the first of a four part series exploring hidden prejudice in the workplace we explore how discrimination can be so subtle that you may mistake it for genuine personal interest. Not long ago, a friend of mine told me about a situation at work when a colleague asked him about some of his religious [...]

February 24, 2014 Jonathan Professional 1

Why Being Your Best Self At Work Can Be Good For You And The Company

A few years ago I worked at the Walt Disney Company and during my induction week I was asked about my first Disney moment: the first time that Disney had an impact on my life as a kid.  It felt really cheesy at the time but looking back it was a really smart way of [...]

February 17, 2014 Jonathan Professional 0
Apples And Oranges

Read This If Your Mentor Or Protégé Is From A Different Ethnic Background To You

Sometimes differences in ethnicity can be an obstacle for minority ethnic professionals in their developmental relationships. Sharing ethnicity has been shown to have a positive influence on developmental relationships. However ethnicity isn’t the be all and end all in a developmental relationship, research shows that individual attitudes to diversity play an important role and can [...]

February 10, 2014 Jonathan Professional 0
Quick and Dirty

What I Learned From My Quick & Dirty Survey

I recently conducted a quick and dirty research survey, the response was phenomenal and  I didn’t expect the process around the survey to become as interesting as the survey itself! A lot of the research I come across assumes that minority ethnic professionals experience a tension between their ethnic culture and the culture of the [...]

February 3, 2014 Jonathan Professional 1