Minority Interests

Research Participants Required


Thanks for taking an interest in my exciting research project.

My PhD study is concerned with how differences in the bicultural experiences of minority ethnic professionals can affect their developmental networks and career outcomes.

Why should you take part?

This is a groundbreaking study in an emerging area of research. There are a handful of people in the world doing research in this particular field, to my knowledge none of them have considered ethnicity and none of them are in Europe. This study is unique.

Many studies of minority ethnic groups in the workplace characterise the minority ethnic experience in the workplace as  being deficient or somehow lacking: for example being paid less than their peers, receiving less support from managers or more likely to be overlooked for promotion.

There is a lot of research to support these findings, however the study I am conducting is different because it characterises minority ethnic professionals as being successful and motivated. The focus is on resilience, talent and other positive aspects of minority ethnic experience in the workplace.

As a participant this is an opportunity to share your experiences, tell your story and reflect on your achievements.

What would you need to do:

Participate in a face to face interview that would take about 45 minutes.

What would you get in return?

You would receive a transcription of the interview, a copy of the recorded interview and an analysis/explanation of your developmental network

Will your personal details be made public?

The study is anonymous so your identity will be protected, any information that could identify you as an individual will be removed or amended as appropriate.

Your participation will not be discussed with anyone outside of my research team and your inclusion in this study will proceed only with your consent.

You have the right to withdraw from the study at any time.

This study is being conducted in accordance with the London School of Economics’ Research Ethics policy, which you can review here

Have a look at this feature of my research at the London School of Economics

What should you do next?

If you are interested in participating in this study please complete the form below including your profession and your location and I will be in touch.

I am specifically looking for UK based accountants or lawyers  who have African or Afro Caribbean heritage, participants must hold a recognised qualification in their field or be working towards obtaining one. If you have a query, please get in touch.

If you are not a member of this group but are interested in my research please complete the form because you may be able to participate in a forthcoming research project in 2014.

Please share this with anyone you know that may be interested or get in contact if you would like to know more about my research.

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